Cleaning Tips

Vinyl Care Do's:

Sweep the floor often

When using liquid detergent, always add liquid detergent to the water

For powdered detergent, add water to the powder

Damp mop floors with cold water and a neutral Ph cleaner

Use 4 ounces of cleaner per 4 gallons of cold water

Change mop water often if the floor is very soiled

Vinyl Care Don’ts:

Do not use bleach, hot water, or harsh detergents to clean floors. They will strip the floors.

Carpet Care Do’s:

The floor tool of your vacuum cleaner should always be kept clean

Vacuum your carpets often

Empty the vacuum bag when it's half full

After a carpet has been professionally cleaned, dry quickly with a fan at 65 degrees

Carpet Care Don’ts:

Never clean ink stains yourself

After carpet has been professionally cleaned, do not walk on it with shoes until completely dry.

Pet Stains:

Use very little soap and water

Use a white cloth and rub in an inward circular motion

Dry quickly with a fan at 65 degrees


Check the tag under the cushion, if it says “S” then it can only be dry cleaned, if it has a “W” then it can be water extracted.

Window Care Don'ts

Never scrape glass dry

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